Surprise Show

Surprise Show (10-15 min) – 60 000 HUF / 200 EUR

Looking for a really big surprise? You’ve just found it. The Surprise Show includes a surprise Roly-Poly stripper – that is, a larger lady – and another sexy stripper, all pre-arranged behind the scenes to ensure that the chosen person (a stag, birthday boy, or simply a lucky guy) is completely unaware of what is about to happen to them. After bring brought to the main stage, the sexy stripper begins the show by blindfolding the chosen person. Then the Roly-Poly stripper takes over the role and teases the guy a bit and eventually removes the blindfold to reveal herself. We can guarantee that he (or at least the audience and his mates) will get an unforgettable experience watching the show.

Pre-booking is recommended to guarantee availability. Don’t miss the opportunity!


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  • 1 EUR – 300 HUF
  • 1 GBP – 330 HUF
  • 1 USD – 250 HUF
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